Semester / Student Essays

Student essays has become a useful training tool for foreign universities. In addition, it is increasingly common for Greek universities to be directed to written work instead of examinations. The student, either alone or as a member of a group, is invited to answer a number of questions asked by the teacher. Student work can be from simple exercises as complex tasks with case studies where the student is asked to examine, as he would in fact do. This, of course, depends both on the nature of the degree and on the level of studies.

Making an essay means that the student knows the subject of the work, and can make a critical analysis. In addition, the student will not only confine himself to the bibliography proposed by the university, but also will extend his knowledge by collecting relevant bibliography. Here, we should mention that students are often limited to 2 or 3 books, so the subject is not properly analyzed in a critical way.

Student assignments typically account for 50% of the grade, while in many MBA programs the work is 100% of the grade.