Master’s Thesis and Dissertation

The diploma thesis is the culmination of the learning process of a student who is invited at the end of his / her student program to present a master’s thesis, which should be standard and original, as well as combining a range of knowledge and skills acquired during the studies. Many times students should not only be limited to the knowledge they have gained from their studies, but by personal research to extend their knowledge to other fields as well.

In the case of postgraduate programs, diplomatic works are also required to be original. The student is asked to deal with a topic that may not have been taught, and he has to understand and study it in depth with his or her own strength. Most of the diploma theses include primary research (qualitative or quantitative) that can be done in a number of ways, such as laboratory research, experiments and field research.

It is also very important for the student to link the findings of his research with the findings of the theory and also to justify the reasons that led him to choose the particular methodological model. At this point, the student is unable to cope, either because of a lack of support from the supervising professor, or has not collected the appropriate knowledge from his faculty.