The E-Papers Group

Everything colludes in one thing: E-papers is the successful company that it is today due to the 15 internal collaborators and employees of the writing group and the 30 external collaborators, as well as the cooperation between them. This unique group has expanded according to the core values ​​of our service to deliver consistent results to our customers. We are so proud of our group that, with great pleasure, we present to you a selection of people who make E-papers what they are.

The management group

The top priority of our management group is to focus on how we can increase the value of the business to better serve our customers. The group also has a look at the long-term path that we will follow to serve our customers and writers in the coming years.

The customer service group

Our friendly customer service group is here to help both our customers and our researchers with any questions they can – their job is to give everyone an optimal experience, without unnecessary worries. They also provide general guidance and support to researchers, helping to plan timetables and identifying appropriate work to ensure the best results for our clients. If you have any questions or concerns, they would like to hear you.

The quality control group

The members of the quality control group and proofreading play a key role in our company. As we always strive for excellence, our quality control group is here to check all the work submitted by our writers before they are delivered to the customer. They control all aspects of the work, from basic mistakes such as typographical errors and grammar, to checking whether the writer has followed the client’s requirements and has not misinterpreted something.

The Recruitment Group of Researchers

The Recruitment Group is the first point of contact for all potential candidates wishing to join our family of researchers. Our main goals are to look for active people with the appropriate skills to participate in our growing group of researchers and to help ensure that our current researchers are happy and satisfied. If you ever need to ask a question about a request for collaboration with E-papers then please contact someone from the group, we are here to do the absolute best to facilitate the passage from an applicant to an elite researcher.

The Revision Group

The Modification Group works closely with researchers and customers to address change requests, upgrades, and additional job requests.

The Communication group

All the visual parts of the E-papers website are created and developed by the communications group. They strive to develop a website that is easy to use and displays all the services and details of the company in a user-friendly way. They are also charged with promoting our services across the web and participating in talking with our customers on all of our Facebook pages.

The user experience group

The user experience group manages and develops our unique internal software. This software is used by our group to be able to effectively manage the entire business – from receiving all of our orders to ensure that each order is assigned to an appropriately qualified researcher. It also enables our client, group and researchers to communicate easily with each other.

The Live Chat Group

The live chat group is on hand to help our customers, from their initial research to job assignment to the placement of their order. Live chat consultants help customers choose the right product and guide them in the process of placing orders.