Quality Control

We know that when you ask for your service, you expect perfection. The truth is unfortunately that most companies do not always keep their promises and their tempting guarantees. In fact, the warranty might not even mean that your order will be processed without any problems. A warranty simply means that if something goes wrong, the company will repair or replace products that do not meet the agreed standard. You have to do things right the first time.



Here in e-papers, our success is based on the quality of the work we deliver. We have been working since 2007 and our experience has taught us that, ultimately, completing your study of the quality you are waiting for, and on time you are waiting, what you really want. While this may sound good, it takes a lot of hard work to do.

How your work is checked
Each study goes through strict quality control and is checked by trained professionals according to the guidelines and academic standards. We take time to complete a complete quality reference form that we give you after completing your order.

How do you recruit your professors?
We insist that the professor working for you must have studied in the same country where you are studying. This means that if you are studying in London then a teacher who studied in the UK will finish your study. In-depth, practical knowledge of a country’s academic system is essential for completing your job, so even if someone gains 1st place from the HOU, we will not trust him to complete an undergraduate work for a student at the University of Melbourne.

We rely on our success
We are delighted and proud of the quality of the work we offer, but only by learning from past mistakes did we come here today. We continue to cultivate the culture of feedback that has brought us success and ask for feedback from you about any work you receive. Even now we deliver small changes based on customer feedback.

Quick solutions
Sometimes things go wrong – it will surely happen when you need to deliver such a product. However, here in e-papers, we dedicate additional resources to ensure that when something goes wrong, we resolve it immediately and, in the vast majority of cases, this happens before the client even sees the work. Our quality control team has now been expanded to include a team of specialist change staff. This team works to ensure that each job meets the high quality expectations.

Our guarantees
Guarantees are the foundation of our service. We are so confident about the quality control that we guarantee our work will meet all academic requirements and that it is ready in time, according to the right standards and without plagiarism. If we do not maintain our guarantees then we will give you a full refund.

Unique system
Previously, you had to depend on forms and papers to keep track of your orders – we now have a fully customized order and account management system. This allows us to communicate effectively with you. We have devoted about 8,000 programming days to coding our system and ensuring that your study will have the perfect care when it comes to delivering it.



Occupation of a Bachelor’s title and above
All our professors hold at least a 2: 1 undergraduate degree, with the largest number of them holding the postgraduate qualifications. We always assign a professor, provided that he / she has a distinction in either the title you want to receive, or holds a higher title.

Current personal documents and contact information
When recruiting our professors, we are very careful to make sure they are the ones they say they are. We check the documents we receive with a person’s photo ID and a recent DEKO account to make sure they are exactly what they say they are and really hold the right qualifications. At the same time, we expect correct contact details and invite new teachers before giving them a job. There are peers who provide false papers to get written work because of our attractive prices, so we train our team to make sure they will never be found in our books.

A History of High quality writing
Whether or not our professors realize it, they are all tested to guarantee their quality and attention to detail. We check quality in everything we get from potential professors, until the end of a thorough correction of their own application. Young researchers are provided with trial studies – surveys to ensure that they meet our high standards and only then are allowed to work for us without limitations.



Unlike some of our competitors, we are very transparent in terms of recruiting our professors. We do not make any ridiculous claim, as all our professors are from Oxford University or Cambridge University. Instead, we ensure that your professors are always qualified or above the level of studies – surveys you have assigned us; we check that they are the ones who say they are and finally we ensure that they are able to offer the level of work we expect through appropriate tests during the recruitment process.



If you are worried about the quality of work you can get from a service, then be sure that we will be completely transparent about the quality control process. We maintain a large internal quality control team as well as external experts to ensure that your study – research is controlled by a specialist academic expert.

The quality control process includes the following series of checks:

1. We audit the project based on your guidelines – an excellent research does not matter if it does not meet your requirements. We always control your study in relation to the requirements you provide.
2. We check the basics (length, spelling and grammar). We look at the obvious things and make sure that your essay is the correct length, and that spelling and grammar meet the highest standards.
3. We seek morphological and stylistic perfection (structure, presentation, flow and signaling). If your study is a report, then the structure is critical, as a report delivered in the form of a specimen will result in failure. The flow and presentation of a sample contribute dramatically to the extent you receive. Technical precision can easily be overshadowed by bad presentation, so we check the presentation and flow to ensure that your study is presented in the best possible way. Signaling is also a vital ability to produce academic work, as it tells the reader the scope of your essay and not just the content (for example, making the reader aware of what the essay examines or leads to the arguments that are going to be follow).
4. We evaluate the style of bibliographic references, accuracy and quality. The reference style used is a basic requirement of your university, but as well as the verification of morphological precision, the quality of the sources used is also checked. This involves checking each source to make available the most relevant and up-to-date source. We also check that there are several references to the study and that there is the expected variety of sources, including sources from magazines, books, newspapers and all other relevant sources, where appropriate.
5. We test the appropriate focus, critical analysis and technical precision. The quality of your essay ultimately results in content specific to the topic and technical accuracy of your study. Often, the study falls to a degree because it is descriptive rather than critical. We ensure that the work we produce fully evaluates the available arguments and evidence, presents a balanced view of the conclusions of other writers as well as a unique own conclusion and provides a view of the limitations of the research that has been completed.
6. We take everything into consideration to ensure that the essay is impeccable. Taking a balanced picture of all the previous aspects we have discussed, we carefully evaluate the essay and assure that our contribution has made you produce the perfect possible essay.